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10 Reasons To Choose

Castle Rock Tutoring Or The Online Reading Tutor

  • Ann has had specialized training in both reading and math, Graduated in 2008 with a Master's in Special Education (MAED), current teacher certification 

  • Ann offers one to one tutoring on a weekly basis. Consistency for growth is key, a group setting is the same as a school setting. 

  • Flexible scheduling is offered during both the school year and school breaks without any complications

  • Prices are affordable compared to other facilities 

  • FREE assessments are provided 

  • Convenient monthly payment plans and multiple discount programs are available

  • Reading is offered at schools, home, online or at the library

  • Math (K - 6) offered in the Castle Rock area only, face to face and in a one to one setting

  •  Sibling support offered

  • Homework support is offered 

                               I may not have a shiny new app or any fancy tools but I do have experience and care about our community.   


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Located under the blog label on top you will find our latest updates and Reading Resources page, currently under construction. If you sign up to the right you will learn when the store will be open. Thank you for stopping by! 


Our family highly recommends Castle Rock Tutoring. Ann was very patient and helpful with our son. Our son was struggling with math and reading. I had been doing my best to help him out, but it was doing no good. During the middle of the school year, we decided a tutor would be the best option for him to catch up. Let me tell you, he even got a certificate from the teacher for showing the most improvement. He isn’t top of his class, but he is sure getting the material a lot better. I am very plea…
Math and Reading


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